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I am a content expert, experienced in both print and digital, and am also skilled at producing photo shoots that communicate a brand’s image. I've written for a wide variety of publications, including The New York Times and Martha Stewart Living, and have created highly-effective digital, print, and branded content for Mars, Starbucks, Hewlett Packard, Armstrong Flooring and others.

What I can do for you:

Toss me any assignment, print or digital, editorial or branded content, and I’ll make it sing. Whether you’re a magazine editor in need of an article on a tight deadline, or a company in need of text for your website, I have the experience it takes to deliver what you need in a timely fashion. Need to execute a photo shoot that is brand appropriate?
I can do that, too.


Why you should work with me:

I produce a polished end result that will make your job easier!



  • Lifestyle

  • Everyday fashion for real women

  • Beauty

  • Design and decorating

  • Crafts

  • Cultural reporting

  • Content solutions for print and digital

  • Art direction for photo shoots of all types

  • Ghost writing

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